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Heroes Season 3

September 23, 2008

I waited for today’s post so I could watch the premiere of season 3 of Heroes.

I know that Heroes isn’t a comic or an animated show but it does draw heavily from the comic book world and the comic series based on the show was drawn by one of the top artists in the industry, Tim Sale.

Some interesting things to note about Heroes based on tonight’s episode:

-Mohinder was like the Indian Spider-man, which does exist by the way. If you havent seen them Marvel started doing culturally relevant heroes for other countries. One of them is Spider-man but Indian. 

-Anyone else feel like Nathan Petrelli has kind of a Lex Luthor ala Smallville feel? Kind hearted but somewhat evil at the same time. 

-And who else is sick of the whole “Peter is helping the bad guys or seems like one for most of the season” bullshit? I know I am. Can the dude go one minute without winding up in the hands of the “wrong” people. 

-Where’s the Haitian?

-How many goddamned children did Peter and Nathan’s mom have?

-Based solely on the previews I am excited to laugh at black haired “evil/emo” Claire. ha!

-At least West is gone, what a douche. Now all the need to do is kill off Elle, because I am one of like a million people who does not like Kristen Bell. She’s been typecast as the “bitch” and she’s not even that good at that.

-Finally, Heroes makes me feel like I’m watching the X-men mixed up with Runaways. I suppose that makes Noah Bennett into Charles Xavier? Eh.

Alright. I know I skipped Batman but I was really excited for heroes and I wanted to mention it. 


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