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September 17, 2008

I’ve really screwed up my schedule the last couple of weeks. It doesn’t help that I just got working internet in my new apartment yesterday.

I have been working on a few things for cOmics eXpress though. Hopefully to keep from having a lapse like this again I’ll attempting to stockpile a few guest posts and I might throw them up occasionally for a new perspective or a fresh voice. We’ll see what happens. I’m sending out feelers right now.

On a related note, if you would like to offer your writing services for guests post, I am available to hear ideas. Don’t think I’m covering an aspect of comics or animation? Send me a rant about it or cover it yourself. Want to review something I’ve done with a differing opinion? I’m willing to be contradicted. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at We’ll work something out.

I have an extra copy of Runaways #7 (the collection, not the issue). If anyone wants it $5 and it is yours.

Is anyone else excited for The Fall? I’ve only seen one preview but it looks interesting. Also, the new Bond film in November, sweetness.

So, some stuff about comics.

This is more of a complaint than a review of anything.

Why aren’t there any good Gambit series? I must have missed them in all the years that I’ve been a fan of the X-men.

Feh. Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Rogue, Xavier, The Beast, they all get playing time but I want some goddamn Gambit. I mean, the reference in X-2 the movie was awesome but that was for a split second and you had to be looking at a computer screen to see it.

Seriously, they made up new characters for the movies but they couldn’t give me Gambit? Sure, they would have had to forgo his love story with Rogue (though I think they could have written that bit in). And we all know that they should have had Jubilee so Logan could get all hot and bothered over her and not Jean. Who doesn’t like a chick that shoots fireworks? Well, I don’t really care for her but whatever.

There is a lot of interesting history involving Gambit and the X-men and there are some awesome X-men series involving him that are part of the X-men canon. Antartica anyone? Yeah, exactly.

Everybody else gets great story lines and personalities and shifting backgrounds but Gambit never changes. Usually that would be a comforting thing but the way he’s played with as a character gets boring.

Fans of Gambit (namely me) love him because 1) He has an awesome power 2) he doesn’t exclusively use that power what with his theif skillset and 3) he’s the lovable ass who charms his way into your heart. A little cheesy yes but part of what makes Gambit fun is his devil-may-care attitude. That’s all surface though.

The problem is that no one seems inclined to give him any more depth than that. I have a couple of trades from the Gambit series that started in 2003. Eh.

It makes these vague attempts at giving Gambit some humanity but it really just devolves into him thieving, fighting, getting revenge, and exploding things. There’s this saturday morning cartoon feel to everything.

What I’m saying is that I want a darker Gambit. I want someone to pull a Dark Knight with Gambit.

I mean look at the guy’s life. Thieves Guild of New Orleans, maligned member of the X-men, awkward relationship with Rogue, semi-instigator and supporter of the Mutant massacre, prefers the underworld instead of the honorable life.

How is that not a recipe for something dark and deep. I mean, the psychological interplay between being a “good guy” with the X-men while still involved with the Thieves Guild and being a thief would make for a great story. Instead, of this everyone in New Orleans is crazy, always happy or fighting, and all with similar personalities to Gambit. F’ that. It’s called the Underworld for a reason and even Gambit would have to play by the rules.

So, here’s the comic suggestion:

Gambit: Origins

Gambit: (Something involving him fighting then joining the X-men)

Gambit: Mutant Massacre

Talk about some heavy stuff in those three ideas alone. Gambit can still be the cocky bastard that he always is, but lets add some depth to the guy, yah?

I’m done.


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