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September 12, 2008

Wednesday’s post was rather slap-dash and terrible. The ideas were good, the content is worth a look but the presentation… what was I thinking? 

Supposedly I’m getting a bunch of new trades, key word being supposedly. They’ve been purchased but arrival time is up in the air. Once I get those we’ll be jumping into them with teeth bared. 

I suppose this isn’t really comics or animation but today I wanted to mention two television shows opening this fall that I’m excited about. One is a new show and the other is coming back for a new season which is great since the writer’s strike ruined television for me. 

First up is the new show by J.J. Abrams on Fox called Fringe (I’d go with the Joss Whedon one that’s supposed to come out on Fox as well but I haven’t heard enough information about it). 

I downloaded the first episode last week, it premiered on Tuesday of this week, and watched it with a friend via his PS3. 

Now, I’m pretty biased in favor of Abrams. I loved Alias, well, I loved it up until that British chick showed up and then it just became a mind fuck. I also enjoyed the first 2 seasons of Lost but various people ruined that show for me and from I know of season 4 the show is lost (no pun intended) in it’s mystery. There’s only so many questions a person can take before they just stop caring. My hope is that they bring Boone back just to prove that the writers have lost their minds. 

Anyway, Fringe featuring people I don’t know, except the Dawson’s Creek guy, looks pretty good after the premier. The characters are fleshed out enough to care about them and the plot was interesting. My friend told me that this was the most expensive pilot ever made. To be honest I wasn’t seeing it. My theory is that the see-through, breathing, body was the most expensive part of it but I don’t have any answers (mostly because I haven’t looked them up). 

So far it looks interesting I think you should check it out.

The other show that I’m excited about is Heroes Season 3. 

Yeah, I know the first few episodes of season 2 were terribly plodding and they introduced way too many new characters but the second half was really moving and set up, hopefully, a burst of energy in the opener for season 3. 

Although, I have to admit I am worried about the fact that there’s an “evil” Claire. I mean, dying your brunette does not make you evil. My hope, they just make her a slut. It would be funny and they would be calling “sluts” evil. Who couldn’t get behind that?

After seeing some of the trailers and the posters for it season 3 does seem to be adding new characters again. Hopefully, it won’t bog down in the back stories again. We’ll see.

I’ll be done moving into my new apartment by about Tuesday, so hopefully my posts will be more focused by then. 

I’ve got some things that I’d like to write about and of course, there is my list of potential stuff. 

See you on Monday,


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