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September 10, 2008

Recently I decided to back through the archives of a couple of the web comics that I read regularly.

I’ve been looking at Real Life Comics and PvP Online to be more specific. 

And I realized that in another 5 or 6 years I might not like what I’m reading now even though I like it now. This doesn’t mean that they’ll be around in that time frame (I certainly hope so). 

I dunno, when I first read them I thought they were hilarious and going back through it’s kind of like rereading Berenstein Bears to kids that I in high school. It’s cute now but I’ve out grown them. 

Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic today but it’s weird to think that as the comics that I read have grown in popularity, style, and direction so have I. It’s like watching your best friend grow up along side you. The memories were good but man, were those some stupid decisions.

PvP and Real Life Comics have truly grown since I first started reading them. The jokes have definitely changed. They used to be about video games and nerd humor this worked back when I was into those things more heavily. I still enjoy video games and some nerd things but it’s not as important anymore. 

The more recent comics from both of them have started being about topics that are more mature, for lack of a better word. PvP in the last year had a wedding and Real Life dealt with the cross country move of the author and his characters. 

I think that with my reading of those comics and going through my own transitions that it these comics have moved with me.

Bah, this is getting a little emotional for a review blog.

So, point is the old stuff doesn’t connect with me like it used to but it’s still worth read and that I’m at a happy medium with the new stuff.


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