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September 5, 2008

So, I spent the week looking at KumoriCon and with nothing else to say about it I completely forgot about Friday. 

To say that I was unprepared to do a post today is something of an understatement. I suppose I could bullshit and talk about what I’ll be talking about on Monday but that seems something of a cop out.

What I can tell you is this:

I’ve started reading Calvin and Hobbes again. A friend of mine has a few of the collections and while I was staying at his house this week I read through a couple of them.

Let me just say that Calvin and Hobbes is one of the best strips to come out of the funnies in the last 30 years. It seems to me that even some of the “classics” were they introduced today would fail. Maybe not peanuts, everybody likes cynical kids.

There was an intelligence behind Calvin and Hobbes that you just don’t get in the vapidity that is the dailies anymore. I mean, I like Get Fuzzy but even that’s a more sophisticated Garfield. Actually, anymore I only read Get Fuzzy, Peanuts, and Zits, sometimes Bizarro but I feel like Bizarro is too preachy.

I suppose that you’re supposed to read Calvin and Hobbes for the inherent laughs, these days I don’t laugh as much at them. They’re funny but unlike many comic strips Calvin makes you think. Even some of Watterson’s more preachy strips are at least set up in away that you don’t feel as though his message is being shoved down your throat.

The art while fitting in the Sunday papers was still very well done. Watterson’s expansive alien worlds for Spaceman Spiff, always reminiscent of the Grand Canyon, were amazing too look at especially when surrounded by the less filled in panels from Garfield or even Peanuts. 

You always knew where you were in Calvin’s world and it never felt as though details were missing or that the characters were the only things in their worlds. 

In my mind, unlike many comics each character feels fully developed and you can picture how they would react in other situations. Except maybe the Principal, I imagine he drank after work and heavily. 

I’m pretty biased towards Calvin and Hobbes so I’ll leave off with that and the following:

If you’ve never read Calvin and Hobbes, shame on you. Go check it out. If you have read the strip than go to your bookstore and pick up a couple collections. Get reacquainted. Remember what it was like opening the paper just so you could read the funnies as a kid. Hell, get a cup of coffee and some breakfast and read it in at the table in the morning just like you used too. It’s worth it.


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