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KumoriCon the look back

September 3, 2008

On Monday I showed off some pictures of my time at KumoriCon. In retrospect those pictures seem light and fluffy as though a good time was had. The reality is like the difference between CSI and the Care Bears. Ha, CSI: Care Bears. I might watch that.


The con was three days from August 3rd to September 1st. I only went on its opening day and I feel that it was enough to get the taste for it that I needed, not that I really needed it.

My started with my sibling bursting into my bedroom at 700 in the morning followed by a romp around my bedroom with my eyes shut in an attempt to dress myself. I succeeded.

This was followed by a walk to a bus stop where I waited for an hour for a bus to not show up. Of course, as soon as I walked away it dared to show its ugly face. Long story short I ended up taking the MAX train to downtown Portland which took an hour because I had to all the way to the other side of the city.

We’re two hours in and I’m still not in the con. Here’s the best part, the 3 hour wait in line. You heard me. 3 hours. We showed up to the hotel where the con was being held a little after 1000. I did not enter the building until 132. Shows how much I like my little sister right? Wrong, by that point it was sheer stubbornness and determination to get in…

…and be disappointed. 

I honestly only went to see Greg Dean, the creator of Real Life Comics, but I was hoping that there would be other things to hold my interest, I must not like anime that much. 

The con was spread over two floors and a parking garage in what might be described as the most awkward use of space for a gathering ever. I would be walking around parts of the hotel with no idea of whether or not I was in con space or hotel space. Sure there signs from time to time but with the way that everything was so spread out I kept waiting for a bell hop to tell me I was on the wrong floor.

I’m not really sure what I missed while I was in line but what I came into was not fulfilling. An AMV contest? Really? Is it just me or am I the only one who likes anime but despises AMVs? The fact that there was a line to get into the viewing room depresses me right now, in this moment, in fact during the time you’ve been reading I’ve still been depressed by that line. 

There was also a karaoke on the second floor which featured a weird mix of Japanese and American pop songs. Karaoke drunk = a good time for everyone. Karaoke sober = pain. The anime fans who were sitting in the karaoke room actually clapped for the horrible and not that polite kind either, the kind you do when you legitimately enjoyed something. I heard whistling and cheers. CHEERS!

While I noted an abundant amount of video game cosplayers Monday what I didn’t note was the ridiculous amount of people dressed as a character from Naruto. Why? Do Anime fans have something against dressing up as characters from good anime? Hell, I kept expecting to see girls dressed in Sailor Moon outfits. The representation of shitty anime in the cos players was astronomical.

Did I miss the Naruto boat or something? I don’t know maybe most American anime fans just don’t have discerning taste and cream their shorts for anything Japanese.

For me I hold anime up to the same standards as movies. I want a quality story, decent acting, good art, and in the case of anime no stupid faces. I don’t need to see rivers of tears or ridiculous faces when the characters are upset. In fact I never want to see that. It ruins the show and makes what was otherwise quality with a message into the spawn of retarded lemur. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and you could have made your point in  another manner.

I dunno, in my opinion there wasn’t enough things at KumoriCon to keep me interested.

Greg Dean was the best thing about it. His Q&A panel was legitimately funny and his wife breaking the soul of one of the attendees cracked me up. Also, her screaming “SHUT THE FUCK UP” at some people talking outside the open door of the room was good too.

I did manage to get Dean’s autograph and my sister bought me a t-shirt from his booth on Monday. If I get a scanner I’ll throw up the autograph at some point. Dean and his wife were very down to earth people and conversations with them were usually funny and/or interesting. I learned a lot about him from his panel.

Although when I went back for his autograph later on, man, did his wife look ready to kill for some sleep. She was amicable enough but I wanted to tell Dean to take his wife to their hotel room and put her to bed. The woman looked beat.

For me the Con ended around five after chasing my siblings around the hotel trying to find them and drag them out of the vendor mall. The caption under my picture of the vendor mall wasn’t a joke either. I walked by three different booths at one point and they literally had the exact same things on their tables. In the middle of the mall was a giant booth that employed several semi to good attractive girls in basically swim suits. It attracted many of the male con goers, and I insist that they took made the most money at the end of the weekend. 

KumoriCon rates an I’ll go back when it gets more organized and more interesting.


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  1. September 5, 2008 1:29 pm

    DAMNIT! Looks like I was a little too late to get to voice my opinion for the KumoriCon…. I’ll leave you another comment about this specifically asap!

  2. September 5, 2008 1:35 pm

    Okay, finished the read. My two cents are I agree with you about everything. Especially the AMV’s and the Movie Standard quality for anime. FUCKING ANNOYING CRY FACES AND SHIT. FUCK THAT SHIT. It’s simply REDICULOUS!

    Also… this is purely my opinion: FUCK NARUTO! I HATE THAT SHIT!

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