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Vixelle the Review

August 27, 2008

I just got done watching Vixelle maybe 5 minutes ago, so forgive me if I miss some stuff that would come later on in hindsight, I might add it in.

I’m going to jump straight in to the review without my usual background information. But I will provide a couple of interesting facts that I do know about the film.

– The music was arranged by (and some of it most likely created by) Paul Oakenfold. 

– The main character’s name is the title of the movie, which to be honest feels like a let down once you get through it.

– The film was directed by a guy with the name of Sori, one name.

The Review: The basic premise of the film is that in the year 2057 the world is run by technology with Japan dominating much of it. In 2067 after failed attempts by Japan to let the U.N. allow the production and research of androids Japan goes into isolation and a complete information black-out. No information gets out, and satellites are unable to take photos due to the electromagnet field that Japan has hid itself behind. 

In 2077 a division of the Navy, SWORD, sends a unit into Japan to find out what happened. Without giving away too much they find androids. 

First I’ll list some of the good:

– The animation leans more on 3-D computer graphics sort of look that some anime has taken to more recently (ala Ghost in the Shell). It really feels smooth unlike many of comp graphic animes that are hitting the U.S. market. 

– The acting is pretty good considering the disparity between Japanese voice acting and American voice acting. 

– The plot, while stereotypical is decent enough with writing that’s good enough to move it along. 

Now for some of the bad:

– Vixelle is the most emotional, hard woman of all time. There are two times that she freaks out over the death of someone that she’s only known for a grand total of…maybe 2 days. This occurs during her time in Japan, which is literally less than 2 days. 

– Vixelle also has some of the worst one-liners in the film, being that she has the only one-liners. 

– Once the SWORD Unit gets to Japan start looking for the most obvious Dune references of all time. Trust me it’s almost sickening. 

– The bad guy is a stereotypical egomaniacal super villain. He even monologues. MONOLOGUES!

– Also, his undoing isn’t much of a surprise. Oh sure, you might not be staring at your watch to see how long until the timing hits it right on the head but during and afterwards you aren’t surprised that it happened.

My Recommendation: Compared to the usual stuff that gets released to the United States from Japan for anime I think that it’s a definite step up. I mean, when you look at crap like Full Metal Alchemist or Sailor Moon Vixelle seems like a dream. If you enjoy anime check it out. If you like animation it’s worth checking out. However, if you don’t want a stereotypical plot, dialogue, and thin characters than I recommend staying away from it. 

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣


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