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August 18, 2008

My posts are going to be somewhat rapid fire this week due to my move.

Rapid fire meaning they’ll be short with limited information. Some days I might even just post a picture. We’ll see, depends on the time.

Moving on. I was going to post one of these at some point anyway but I figured that this week was perfect.

So question: Do you remember these stupid things?

I assume that people still make them but I remember them as being extremely popular during Dragon Ball Z’s run on Cartoon Network. Hell, I used to religiously download them like they were good, I also used to be a huge fan of Linkin Park, so you see where the appeal lies.

For whatever reason I came across one of these over the weekend while goofing off on Youtube.

Let’s discuss a few bulletin points for a moment.

1. No just because DBZ characters scream a lot does not mean that “Crawling” or any other Linkin Park song is a “perfect” fit.

2. Rapid fire cuts to various fight scenes and/or more screaming does not fit the song ever.

3. No, Escaflowne is not any better for music videos and Yes, Naruto videos make DBZ videos seem like Oscar winners. Hell, Naruto makes the Power Rangers look like Oscar winners.

4. If you’re going to use DBZ scenes at least use ones from a similar episode span. Don’t jump from Gohan at age 14 in one scene to suddenly he’s 23 in the next. Lets have some consistency people.

5. We’ll call it a top 5, so this will be the last one. There is better anime from Japan than DBZ. Why are these videos always made with the terrible or mediocre ones?

And now, a double dip. The following is one of my favorite AMV’s that I’ve ever seen. Two reasons for this:

1. It’s not DBZ. In fact, it’s Samurai X, from the OVA’s not that shitty Cartoon Network version.

2. It’s not Linkin Park. Even better, it’s Foreigner. FOREIGNER! Too quote anybody, FUCKIN A! Any AMV that breaks out of the Linkin Park mold deserves at least 2 looks.

Edit: I lied. I forgot that the last minute or so of the video features scenes from the crap Cartoon Network Version. Sorry.


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