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Comic: Wanted

August 15, 2008

So this is a little late. I got hit with a double today even though I was only supposed to be there for the morning shift. Today was a ridiculously busy day with tons of people coming in and out, I’m not really sure why everyone decided to hit today but they did. Point is, I’m bushed so I’ll try to make this informative and as long as possible before I fall off it.

I picked up the 6 issue collection of Wanted the other night while trying to use up a Borders gift card. It’s a quick read so I figured that I’d finish the week up with it.

Background: Wanted was written by Mark Millar and drawn by J.G. Jones. Millar born in 1969 is one of the more famous Scottish comic writers of the world. I won’t list all the comics that he’s written but I will list some of his more famous ones like Superman: Red Son, Saviour, Chosen, and the Ultimates 1 and 2. Like many writers Millar has worked with both D.C. and Marvel as well as Image, Dark Horse, and Trident. 

J.G. Jones from what I’ve seen has worked more with D.C. than Marvel but some of his notables include all the covers for the D.C. series; 52. He also worked on a Wonder Woman series and did a little bit of Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man

The Comic: Now, I’m sure that we’ve all seen the trailers for the movie version of Wanted and I know some of us have seen it. I have not seen the movie yet. I’ve heard that it’s good but I’ll reserve my judgement til I see it. 

The other thing that I have heard is that Wanted the Comic and Wanted the Movie share the barest of bone of plots. In the Comic the world is run by Super Villains who killed all of the Super Heroes off in 1986. The movie, from what I’ve read, the world is run by talented assassins. In the comic the main character, Wesley, comes to know of this underground group through the death of his father, it’s relatively the same in the movie.

Another key difference is that the comic introduces a super villain called Mr. Rictus who wants to make the super villains public but the fraternity resists his ideas so he betrays them to death. The movie has a lone assassin who sick of the life of his fraternity decides to kill them all off. Okay.

I’ve heard that there are several scenes in the movie that mimic actions from the comic. For example, the way Wesley’s father dies is supposed to be the same as how he dies in the comic. 

When I do see the movie I’ll throw up a review of it. For now lets actually bit down on the comic. 

Using the bare bones strategy I’ve given you the basic plot of Wanted for both the movie and the comic. 

What you’re missing is the ridiculous amount of gore, cuss words, racism, sexism, and shit that accompanies this comic. Yes, I said shit. One of the main characters is made entirely of shit. 666 pieces of crap from the most evil people ever to walk the face of the Earth, including bits of hitler and dahmer. Weird way to create a bad guy, yeah? I thought so. 

The main character, Wesley, is the epitome of door mat. His boss, his girlfriend, his best friend, even complete strangers walk over him. His quick transformation into the pussy getting, fuck screaming, ridiculously talented killer that he becomes is a little fast and very incredulous. 

However, I suspect that this isn’t the kind of comic that you sit down and expect loping, get to know the character, sort of story. It’s an action packed, gore filled, set that needs to keep rolling regardless of actual psychology. 

Sometimes it does feel a little hard to swallow but it’s still well written and the plot is pretty good. Each character no matter how vile is worth getting to know and you’ve got an idea of their motivations by the end. 

I won’t reveal the ending but it’s very, for lack of a better term, controversial. I didn’t like it the first time I read it but that was mostly because I was surprised that everything was over. It gets funnier with subsequent readings. 

My recommendation: If you like gore, cussing, and quick action comics than Wanted is worth the read. If you like a new take on the super person world than I recommend Wanted. However, if you don’t like the first sentence you might not like the second one. I suppose it really depends on how much you want to read the word fuck. 

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  1. September 5, 2008 1:16 pm

    Not bad, but I think you could have dished out a much “thought” heavier blog critique for wanted. There’s a lot of big social commentary in it that could have used a quick glaze in your critique. That would have probably made this update one of my faves. Good work though keep at it.


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