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Awesome News from Comic Con

August 11, 2008
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I’ve been loathe to check out the deluge of news post Comic Con for the same reasons that I never read the news from E3 until a week or two after it’s done. It’s too much, too fast. I’m like a kid in a candy store with each piece of news coming out from those conventions. So, I delay the satisfaction and let my self come across the juicy bits whilst going through the archives.

This morning I checked Comic Book Resources to find some amazing news.

I already like Marvel more than I like DC, except Nightwing of course, so this latest release is entrenching my own Marvel fan-boyism, to the extent that I’m a fan boy of any comic company. (Aside: I prefer to follow writers and artists over companies.)


Marvel will be releasing an Ender’s Game miniseries. I rarely use cuss words on here but, Fuckin’ A! To say that I’m excited is the understatement of the day. Ender’s Game might be the only book that I’ve willingly read more than 3 times. It is in my top 5 of all time greatest science fiction books and I live and breath science fiction.

Some information about the upcoming project:

Ender’s Game will be written by Chris Yost and will have pencils by Pasqual Ferry. According to the article Card asked to not be involved in the writing of the comic and chose Yost to actually helm that aspect of the project. Previously, Card and Ferry worked together on ‘Ultimate Iron Man.’

The miniseries will be six issues long beginning in October 2008.

Moving on.

I know that just as many people hate Card as those that love him. Most of it stems from his anti-homosexual stance and some of his other religiously based stances.

I’m stating here and now that I don’t care. Card can believe what ever he wants to believe and he can advocate whatever he wants to advocate. That doesn’t stop him from being a talented individual with good works that don’t carry on his religious stances. I suppose if you read into them you’ll find all kinds of religious meaning but I don’t care to dig that deep.

So no, I will not be joining in the stupid “Boycott” of the Ender’s Game comic. When it comes out I will be there to buy them from my local comic book provider. And to be honest, I feel that both the people complaining and Card need to pull their collective heads out their asses.

Quality is quality and I don’t see people not buying Nightwing comics because Chuck Dixon was openly homophobic. There aren’t exactly “No GAY people” signs being waved around in Dixon’s work. The same goes for Card’s works.

As long as beliefs don’t hinder professional works than I don’t care. So in the future when a “controversial” artist comes across my desk and I post it here you know my opinion.

However, I will state that again I am excited for Ender’s Game the comic book.


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