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August 1, 2008

This week I’ve treated my readers like crap. My posts have been short and informative to that extent that I regurgitated facts and left a pile of soft, sickly smelling, words festering on your doorstep. No one likes a word-vomit. To people who actually read this blog, I apologize. I’d make an excuse but what excuse do I have? I was tired? Yes. I was lazy? Yes. I have the late shift at work? Yes. All true but I should have done better. Again, I apologize for the weakness that was this week.

However, today should be better. I have fodder to talk of. Indeed.

I received a comment the other day on my post about why I don’t like sprite-based comics. It asked me to reconsider my stance with some evidence provided. I am willing to have my mind changed, I said that in the post as well, however, presenting me with carbon copies of everything I despise about sprite-based comics is not the way to do it. 

I’m posting the link to the comic so you can make your own decisions but it will be followed by me not liking the comic. I would post the actual image but it shows up the size of God in the Grand Canyon, not pretty.

So on to my hating the comic:

Oh my god. What is going in this comic? Ha! You can’t understand Kirby. Ha! He used to be the fat guy in the Star Wars. LOL. OMG. 

Yeah, no. The inability to understand Kirby takes away from the funny. Sure the whole joke is predicated on the last two panels but if Kirby could speak English when he was a fat guy stuffed into the sardine can of an X-wing, why can’t he speak english now? Instead he only says Pie-O. Ha, ha, maybe he’s talking pie orgasms the whole time the pink bastard. 

I could go on and on but I won’t. I didn’t like the comic. In fact, I want to believe that it was written by Tim Buckley the joke is that unfunny. 

Following the reading of the comic I looked into who the poster of the comment was. I learned several things:

A) His name is Colby, I think.

B) He’s at least 14.

C) He is obsessed with Pokemon.

D) He has a blog where he posts pictures of Pokemon and gifs that strike his fancy. 

Now, if the kid were my age or older I would lambast him for giving me such tripe. However, he is 14 and at that age comics like this are appealing. So I’ll leave him alone.

Unless of course the comic was made by him, in which case, I just ripped him up a little, I’m thinking it wasn’t written by him. That’s my justification anyway.

So, that was this week. Y’all have a good weekend. 


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