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Comics: Universe X Volume 2

July 30, 2008

Alright today I’ll be looking at the third collection from the X series by Krueger and Ross, Universe X Vol. 2. 

Like last time this is your spoiler alert and you have been warned. I will reveal several things here that if you haven’t read Earth or Universe Vol. 1 will either make no sense or ruin the story for you, generally both. 

Since I won’t be focusing on the creators anymore, the background information consists of:

First printed in 2002 Vol. 2 contains Universe X #8-12, Universe X: Iron Men #1, Universe X: Beasts #1, and Universe X Omnibus #1. 

The Comic: The difference in style between Earth, Universe Vol 1. and Universe Vol. 2 is immense. Instead of relying on X-51 and Richmond to tell various histories Vol. 2 is based more in the present. There are bits that are “historical” in a sense but they aren’t as prevalent as in the previous collections.

In the beginning of Vol. 2 Isaac Christians finally receives the ability to feel from Mephisto. As his betrayal was revealed before Christians suffers Mephisto’s devilry when he eventually dies because of his gift of feeling and also mortality. 

Unlike Vol. 1 which was global Vol. 2 sticks to four areas for its scenery. New York City dominates most of the narrative with Mephisto’s army attacking the last Human Torch, and Spiderman and his the NYPD trying to protect it.

Africa/the Lost Lands play a major role as well. The child Marvel visits Nightcrawler now known as Belasco (he was tranformed by Mephisto into this iteration) and tries to convince him that he used to Nightcrawler, all the while he is still searching for the various pieces of the cosmic conscience. 

Latveria and Reed Richards are mentioned but they don’t play a major role in Vol. 2. Richards is trying to leave Earth and its problems behind and Ben Grimm and his sons try to protect the castle. 

The final setting is the Realm of the Dead where Marvel has created his army of dead super heroes to take on Death and her army of skeletons. 

Most of the action surrounds the battle for the Human Torch and Marvel’s quest. 

This one is a little harder to summarize without giving too much away but the ultimate battle encompasses humans versus Mephisto, Marvel versus Death, and eventually the heroes fight a reanimated Creel. 

My Recommendation: It’s definitely more action based than the previous iterations so if you like that than its worth your time, however, if you want the more info heavy pieces wait til the Paradise series which is both action based and info heavy.


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