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Comic: Nightwing

July 28, 2008

Today I’ll be taking a look at Nightwing and what he’s become since his evolution from Robin.  As I go on I’ll look at specific story lines that have occurred in the canonical Nightwing series. I own almost every single Nightwing trade and they each feature one main plot line. So, expect reviews or previews of those in the future.

The point of today’s post will be more to introduce you to the creator, some of the various artists, and the new writers. I will also give a somewhat brief synopsis of Dick Grayson’s life as Nightwing up to the present day.

I mentioned this on Wednesday, or perhaps Monday I’d have to look, but Nightwing is my favorite DC character. So, if it seems like I’m lavishing too much praise, love, and attention on him well, it’s because I am. I figure, why bullshit you? At least you now know what to expect going into this. However, I will try to be somewhat critical of it. For example, Nightwing has only gone through, off the top of my 3 different writers since the beginning of the series. At the same time there have been at least 10 different artists and not all of them have a style that I appreciate.

I’ll get into that more specifically later. However, today I have the late shift at work so I’ll be updating this post after 5 p.m. today. So, please come back around 6.30 p.m. pacific time and I’ll have more up.

The continuation:

Dick Grayson started as Robin in the 1940s. He joined the Teen Titans in 1966 a series that continued until 1977. He led the Teen Titans again in from 1980 to 1984 as Nightwing. The actual series called Nightwing wasn’t started until 1996 and it’s continues today. He has made various appearances in other comics, especially Batman series, but mostly he is left alone in Blüdhaven. He is in the most recent The Outsiders and The Titans but I don’t really want to talk about those. 

I will be giving more information on Nightwing as I review the various collections that I have. For now, this is mostly how he relates to the DC Universe. There’s a lot of Robin backstory and some weird things involving Superman and how Dick got the name Nightwing but I’ll leave that one to a later date because through my research and own reading of the comics I’m still not quite sure of the true origins of Nightwing, at least the canonical ones. 

The writers:

The two people that I most associate with Nightwing are Chuck Dixon and Devin Grayson. Dixon wrote issues #1 – #70 and a small story-arc called Nightwing: Year One involving issues #101 – #106. Grayson wrote from #71 to #117. She also wrote an issue called Nightwing Annual #1 in 1997.

Around the time that Grayson stopped writing DC’s Infinity Crisis occured. The issues of Nightwing that occur during IC get a little weird and some of the story line feels cut off. Immediately afterwards in the post-IC world of DC a new writer takes up Nightwing and much is left unsaid about the previous year. 

Since Grayson stopped writing Nightwing there have been four different writers. Bruce Jones (#118 – #124), Marv Wolfman (#125 – #137), Fabian Nicieza (#138 and #139), and Peter Tomasi (#140 to present). Marc Andreyko wrote Nightwing Annual #2 in 2007. 

For now, I’m going to take a look at Dixon and Grayson and then we’ll call it good.

Chuck Dixon was one of the most prolific writers of Batman in the 1990s. He started the individual series of both Robin and Nightwing. He also worked on Batgirl and created the Bird of Prey team. He worked on the Punisher for Marvel and has worked for Jim Lee’s comic company Wildstorm where he worked on Team 7. Dixon has an impressive list of comics under his belt. He has worked for DC, Marvel, Bongo, Eclipse, CrossGen, Moon stone, Dark Horse and First Comics. 

I tried to find out what he is currently doing but it’s a convoluted situation. Some sources said that he was writing Batman and the Outsiders. I found one that said he no longer worked with DC. Yet, on his own website he says that he’s working on a Booster Gold series. I don’t know. Believe what you want.

Moving on to Grayson.

Devin Grayson has mostly written stories involving Batman or various characters from that universe, including Catwoman and Nightwing. Early on in her career she did work with Marvel on the X-men and Ghost Rider. She continues with X-men: Evolution at present.

I must be a horrible fan because for the longest time I didn’t know that Devin Grayson was a girl. You’d think that I would know more about one of the writers involved in one of my favorite series. I chalk it up to me being lazy.

Before I end this for good, here’s an interesting tid-bit: Grayson is openly bi-sexual. Why is that interesting? It is interesting because Chuck Dixon is a known conservative who has gotten in trouble in the past for pushing a homophobic tone with some of the comics that he’s written. He has said that he’s not homophobic but there is evidence to the contrary. 

I found it interesting that Dixon was followed up by Grayson. Maybe it’s just me but I smile a little bit at the irony. 

That’s all for today folks. Wednesday I’ll be looking at Universe X: Vol 2. 


P.S. I know that Comic Con was this past weekend. No, I will not be covering anything that happened there. Yes, I’ve seen the Wolverine trailer and the Tr2n trailer. Yes, they were cool. 

However, next summer if I can save up some money I will try to go to either PAX or Comic Con. Most likely PAX because it is cheaper on the wallet. 

Also, I apologize for the shoddy work today. I wasn’t prepared coming into this and it shows. Wednesday will be much better and I’ll be back to my usual.

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