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Web Comic: Bob and George

July 9, 2008

A friend recommended a web comic called Bob and George, so yesterday I sat down and flipped through the archives for a bit.

This comic affords me the opportunity to vent about quality control and to discuss this comic as I generally would. Before that let’s figure out who is writing this thing. It’s going to be a bit shorter today because I realize that it will become a rant if I make it too long and I’ll lose sight of what I’m doing. If you’d like a longer version I’ll see what I can do on Friday and make that more of a rant based post. 

Background: Bob and George is a comic that was started by Dave Anez in 2000. It is actually over now with him having ended all the storylines in the comic on July 28th, 2007. However, he is still updating the comic, sort of. What Anez is currently doing is going through and adding commentary to each comic, somewhat like if you were reading the individual strips in book form. Anez also makes short movies using his characters called The Cataclysm.

I couldn’t find much about the actual author but here’s what I could find. Dave Anez is an instructor at Western Iowa Tech Community College where he teaches physics. He’s married. And that’s about it. Apparently, he also got his bachelors and his masters degrees from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Not really sure if you needed to know that or not. 

The Comic: Bob and George originally started with a couple weeks worth of Mega Man sprites that Anez had planned on using as filler before he was able to get a scanner and put up his hand drawn comics. 

When he finally did put his hand drawn comics they were ill-received and Anez hated them as well. He ended up going back to the sprites comics for a while before he attempted to put up more hand drawn comics but that was a short lived experiment. In the end Anez stuck with the sprites and continued with them until the strips final day. 

I am going to say this right now so that it’s not a surprise down the road. I hate sprite comics. Why? Because in all honesty it feels like hack work. Also, most of the ones that I’ve read are poorly written and generally, not funny. I am somewhat picky when it comes to art and what I like. I want some kind of talent. The two worst drawn comics I like are Something Positive and Real Life Comics, I realize this. However, SP has interesting characters and the art isn’t terrible. Real Life Comics isn’t sprite based, in a way it still is hand drawn, even if it is MS Paint, also I find RLC funny. 

I’m going to refer this to my video game beliefs. There’s three of them.

1. Good story line.

2. Good Game play.

3. Good graphics.

So, for comics this means good art, good plot, and in lieu of game play: funny jokes. 

Bob and George was not the exception. I thought maybe it could be from what I’ve heard but it only disappointed. 

Look, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Yay, you can make sprites and you’ve finally figured out how to make your love of Mega Man into a lucrative project. No. A developed plot line would be nice. Funny jokes would be even better. Also, just because you cuss does not mean that you are funny. I’ll give you a real life example and a comic of example of people who are funny with out cussing.

Brian Regan and PvP Online. Regan used to swear on stage but he has since challenged himself not to and his material is still good. PvP swears occasionally but many of their jokes, if not all, are not based around the strategic use of cuss words. 

Fuck and shit are not main stays, unless your George Carlin but that is his thing

What do you want to know about Bob and George. First, there isn’t a character named Bob or George in the comic for at least a year (Anez got around that by introducing sprites later on but he should have done it sooner). The jokes ring hollow and seem to follow the cuss and it’s funny mind set and the plot line is simplistic and unwarranted. It’s like Anez tried to make a plot inbetween the Mega Man games and got lost in them.

Reading some of Anez’s commentary even he states that he wonders why he thought various jokes that he did were funny at the time. 

I’m somewhat surprised he got a following considering his own artist hate.

I think we’re done, if you want to see it for yourself go but don’t say that I sent you there because I wouldn’t do that to you.

My recommendation: It’s outdated, unfunny, and has no artistic talent. I’m only giving it a 1 because zero is just mean and he did somehow manage 1,000 readers a day at his peak. I give him respect for managing that even though it baffles me. 

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣



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