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Animation: A Tell Tale Heart

June 25, 2008

The other day I was goofing around after work and found this classic cartoon from 1953. It’s an animated version of Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Tell-Tale Heart” with narration done by James Manson. 

The cartoon has a couple of cool historical facts that I found out while researching for it. 1) It was the first cartoon to be rated X in Britain. 2) The U.S. Library of Congress deemed the cartoon to be culturally significant and put it up for preservation in the National Film Registry. 

On it says that the film won an Oscar in 1954 for Best Short Subject, Cartoons. It was produced by the United Productions of America (UPA) and distributed by Columbia. There are and were rumors that the film was to be released in 3-D but nothing ever came of it and the film was never released in 3-D.

The whole cartoon is only about eight minutes long but it is awesome. I almost might be a bigger fan of Poe than the word “awesome” lets on. Enjoy.


Friday: I’ll be taking a look at the successful Red vs. Blue.


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