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Web Comics: Sinfest

June 18, 2008

Well, as promised this is slightly more normal than last week. As mentioned on Monday, today is all about Sinfest. Today I’ll be doing a short one but it should be informative enough. 

Background: Sinfest was started at the beginning of 2000 by Tatsuya Ishida. Ishida is based out of California. The man has not released a lot of information about himself. What I could find is that he went to UCLA in the 1990s and did a comic strip for the college paper, The Daily Bruin. I found that he at one time worked for Image Comics where he penciled for Godzilla and G.I.Joe comics. There was some information that he co-created a comic called StrangeLove with Stacy Freeman for Entity Comics in the 1990s but I couldn’t find any information that corroborated that and besides, Entity Comics doesn’t actually exist anymore. So far, Ishida has released three collections of his comic and sells them through Cafepress and Amazon. Occasionally, underneath his comic Ishida updates with little rants that he calls, “The Resistance.” His diatribes are little essays on why is bad-ass. Some of them are quite funny and others are just over-the-top ego in their attempt to be funny.

The Comic:   Sinfest is a weird mix of several comics lumped into one. There are several references to Peanuts, especially earlier on in the comic, and the two main characters are like a very sexual Calvin and Hobbes. The two main characters are Slick and Monique, the perenially “right” for each other friends who will never get together. Ishida uses several other characters to prop up their relationship including God, the Devil, and a talking Pig. Slick hangs out with the Pig and a nerdy kid. Sometimes they are involved with God and the Devil but usually they encompass their own storylines. The God and Devil are their own stories with a God worshipper, a Devil worshipper, two angels, Buddha, and a Chinese Dragon god. The comic also features plots involving a talking cat and dog who are supposed to be his pets. There are plot lines but most of the comics are written as stand alones. Ishida updates the comic daily usually with a colored Sunday comic. Actually, there are so many ridiculous things in this comic that it is a little bit hard to follow sometimes but usually it’s pretty funny. The art has improved since the beginning but it still feels relatively the same. Ishida has a fun anime-esque style that lends itself well to his stories. 

 My Recommendation:  I really like Sinfest. I enjoy Ishida’s humor and his art is a lot of fun to look at. He is usually consistent with his updates. The only problem is that every once in awhile he goes on vacation without telling anybody and there won’t be updates for weeks at a time but that is pretty rare. So expect some chuckles and consistent updates from Ishida. I recommend you take a look at Sinfest. 

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

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