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If I’m it, then the world is in need of saving

June 3, 2008

Welcome to cOmics eXpress.

Yes, I know that it’s not the most original of names but I wanted to get right to the point of this thing and succinctly let people know what they were in for in the title. Now that you’ve come this far let me explain what’s going on in this little space of mine. 

I love graphic novels. I love animation. Mostly, I love art and the stories that one can tell with them, especially, in novel format or cinematic form. In short, this blog is me talking about the things that I love in relation to comics and animation. 

Specifically, though, what will I talk about? Well, obviously, comics and animation but there’s more to it then that.

I want to share various films, books, and people that I’ve come across that I particularly enjoy. Yes, most of the early stuff will be outdated and either wildly popular or already reviewed and done to death. Hopefully I can provide you with a new perspective on those things and perhaps turn you on to something new in the process. 

In the realm of comics I plan on writing about:

– Web comics

– Trades

– Single Issues or series

– People in the industry (in this respect little bios that I can create but for now, mostly style)

– Comic news that I find interesting or an interview that I really liked

– Where to find free comics

– Reviews and thoughts on comic based movies

– Reviews of web comics, comics, trades, free comics, and my opinion on various industry related people

In relation to animation:

– Shows (more specifically non-Anime shows)

– Anime

– Movies

– Shorts = Animation shorts that I come across that I enjoy like the Pipe Music Videos on Youtube

Eventually when I’m not a broke college student. Seriously, I’ll show you my bank account the bottom number reads 0.00. It’s pretty sad. Anyway, I hope to attend conventions as well. Seattle holds two of the biggest conventions that I’d like to attend again. Emerald City Comic Con and PAX (No, pax is not really a comic convention but is run by the creators of Penny-Arcade, an online comic).

I hope that you enjoy what I’m doing here and come back with comments, advice, and suggestions. 

I, sincerely, hope that if anyone reading this has an interesting comic, animated piece, or anything related please send them my way and I’ll talk about them. 

Final thing, I plan on posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If this gets at all popular I’ll consider updating to a Monday through Friday schedule. For now, check back on Wednesday for my next post.





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